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What are the best oils to use when cooking a steak?

How do you make healthier habits stick?

I struggle with sustaining a healthier lifestyle, thanks!

Liver cleanse

Is there an effective way to cleanse/detox your liver? Is that even a thing?

Glucose & Menopause

Hi Max, would really like you find a guest to discuss metabolic health and menopause. I am in my 50s and post menopausal. I’ve been wearing a CGM to track my glucose and even though I am watching the carbs, exercising, getting good rest, my glucose stays elevated. I’m working in fasting in hopes that will help. If you can find an expert that could shed some light in this area…that would be so awesome! Menopause is such a mystery to a lot of women still and I appreciate you having past guests who have spoken on the subject!

NAC/glycine and glycine supplements

Does glycine alone or NAC+glycine supplementation improve sleep, offer neuro protective effects on memory and/or liver or kidney. Any side effects or dose information.