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Get off statins

Can you give me a quick list of which podcast episodes you have done that discuss the negatives of statins and what to do instead.

Best experts on kids nutrition

Thank you for your show, I love it! You had a lot of guests who mainly talked about adults' nutrition, but not much about kids. I've looked through all the episodes and found a few conversations with pediatricians/psychologists that touched today's children's dieting issues (like Dr. Sears or Dr. Beurkens); yet they are not particularly nutritionists. I'm really searching for specialists in kids' nutrition who are developing educational programs about healthy eating habits, menus, diets - all for kids. Could you please recommend some experts in this area? Thank you!


Good morning Max, you suggest so many different supplements, both liquid and pill form. At this point in your life, do you have a specific regimen you stick to? Do you know of or have a podcast that discusses research on the benefits of liquid form like AG1 for example vs pill form like Thorne for example. I am currently only taking pill form supplements, but thinking about switching to AG1 and wondering for a young male (30s) healthy individual with absolutely no medical conditions and currently in a body composition change regimen, if AG1 is comprehensive enough. I know that is a super loaded question and there will be a response in there that says everyone is different, but I am hoping for an evidence based answer that supports the general healthy population, if you have it! Furthermore, I am a dentist who speaks for a few different companies and focuses on patient education and the health of the mouth, you have had a dentist on your show in the past, and I just wanted to see if you ever have considered or needed another dentist to speak about the oral cavity and our health from that perspective.

Tips for Finding Balance?

I love your podcast. Sometimes I hear you or your guests talking about the difference between what you did or “could get away with” in your early twenties versus thirties and beyond. I’m in my mid twenties and sometimes feel like I’m a bit too hard on myself/my routine. I would love to hear you talk about what you think a genius life would look like in your twenties, knowing you can dial in stronger as you age. How would you set yourself up for longevity in while also enjoying life while you can?

Probiotics forever

Hi Max, If one takes probiotic supplements and has a clean, healthy diet with plenty of prebiotic foods, fiber, fermented foods, etc. (and avoid harmful things that destroy the gut biome like alcohol or antibiotics ) would you still need to keep taking the supplement after a couple months? My mental picture of the micro biome is like having a lawn: once you plant it, as long as you feed it and care for it, the lawn should thrive and you don’t need to continually re-seed. Is it the same way for the gut?