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“Back-pocket” Full Body workout

I have been following your PARTY advice and have a question on strength training! I work with a personal trainer. When I’m traveling and in hotel gyms I’m a bit lost on how to get a good one off full body workout to make sure I’m sending muscle building signals to all the major groups without going too hard (knowing when I’m traveling I may be jet lagged or otherwise have gotten sub optimal sleep). Would love to hear what your go to moves are in hotel gyms! Also any advice for ordering from restaurants when on the go and trying to stay lean and avoid too many crappy oils.

Mother’s early Parkinson’s advice

Hi Max Long time listener, first time writer! I’m in the unfortunate situation that my mother just had a worrying DAT scan results that showed early signs of Parkinson’s (I have put the notes at the bottom of the message). She’s relatively healthy at ripe age of 74, quite independent and has always done 30 mins of light exercise a day and tries to “eat well”. But I believe maybe the stress of life has contributed to her well being as she’s had shakes in her arms when she gets stressed for many years but nothing showed up in scans before. Do you have any recommendations? I know your mother went through neuro-degenerative disease too. In the UK private doctors are quite expensive and public NHS has long waiting lists for specialists. If you recommend any immediate actions even to study up on best things to focus I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks Nima From the doctor: DAT scan by Tc99m-Trodat SPECT Protocol after intravenous administration of 400MBg of 1c99m-trodat. The scan reveals relatively decreased radiotracer uptake at left putamen nucleus, right basal ganglia revealed normal radiotracer uptake at present time. IMP: Relatively decreased dopamine transporter at right putamen nucleus could be related to primary stages of Parkinson disease, however Clinical & radiologic correlation and if needed follow up brain Trodat scan in appropriate time is recommended for more accurate evaluation.

What is the correlation between thyroid function and dementia

Hi, I read your book, Genius Foods, and was shocked to read the connection between autoimmune diseases, like celiac, and dementia, because of the way the immune attacks hurt the thyroid and cycle into more inflammatory attacks, that cause havoc on brain power/memory. Can you dive into this deeper? I have celiac and had thyroid cancer, so I no longer have a thyroid. How do I best support my body with fake thyroid hormones and boost my chances to hold off dementia? Would broccoli sprouts be part of that fight? (I loved learning about sprouts on your latest podcast and plan on trying soon!)

Love your Show and want to share your Genius Life

I have been listening to your podcasts now for about 6 months, they have inspired me so much I want to share. I have recently started a FB group called living your best life and share all sorts of thing to motivate people to live their best life. My aim is to have a night with a guest speaker who will speak on a subject (similar principle to your podcasts, to inspire people to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE). I wondered if you would be my first guest, via Zoom as I am in Australia. If you would like to speak more please dm me on Facebook - Michelle Bolton or email on Thanks for the inspiration to guide me down a better path. Michelle Living My Best Life

Ideal Body Fat Percentage

Hey Max, I saw your Twitter post of going from 14% to 11.5% body fat and you’re looking good! What was your motivation and what is current research saying about optimal body fat percentages for adults? And is it different for a 30 y.o. vs 60 y.o. or man vs woman?