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What on-the-go protein drink do you like best?

I’m trying to get my older teen kids eating more protein and protein drinks seem to be doing the trick to keep them from just craving junk all the time. . With school and sports, and jobs, it’s not working to pack enough food and keep it from spoiling, so i started getting them FairLife protein drinks. . I picked this brand because it used milk and not oil for the drink base, but is this a good choice? Is there a better way to help them keep protein up while on the go between sit down meals? Thanks!!! . . Your podcast has changed my life. I teach a yoga class at a nursing home facility for dementia sufferers, and the fear of getting dementia has weighed heavy on me for years. . It scares me to death anytime i have a ‘foggy brain’ moment, even when I know it’s just my 40 year old brain being overloaded juggling 4 kids alone and working full time. . Knowing there are things I can do to tip the scales in the favor of my brain has really given me purpose to my family’s nourishment. It is crazy how hard it is to know what’s good and healthy to eat- and horrifying to realize how many junk foods I ate instead of whole, natural foods, because marketing worked on me. . I never ate eggs, I bought veggie burgers, drank only soy milk and even started down the oak milk path! After hearing you talk about oils, and looking at the ingredients of my fridge, I realized so much I was ingesting (and giving my kids!!) was seed oil/vegetable oil based and not actual whole food based! . I’d always thought vegetable oil was good for you and avoided olive oil because of the fat! I never realized the chemicals used to create seed oils vs the very natural process for olive oil and how that logically affects our body! . You’ve changed my life, and my kids’ lives, because I’m sharing all the knowledge you share with them. So, a huge, huge thank you for all you do to share food intelligence with the world. This is the stuff we need to have taught in schools. . And if you ever want a free zoom yoga class to work on meditation, I’m here for you! I owe you huge. Thank you so much.

Hearing loss

Hi Max! You have recently mentioned the studies showing a link between hearing loss and dementia. I would love to hear more about hearing loss an the effect on overall health.

before & after workout

What is the best thing to eat before a workout & when is the best time to eat it? And the best thing to eat after (other than a protein shake)

NAC/glycine and glycine supplements

Does glycine alone or NAC+glycine supplementation improve sleep, offer neuro protective effects on memory and/or liver or kidney. Any side effects or dose information.

Glucose & Menopause

Hi Max, would really like you find a guest to discuss metabolic health and menopause. I am in my 50s and post menopausal. I’ve been wearing a CGM to track my glucose and even though I am watching the carbs, exercising, getting good rest, my glucose stays elevated. I’m working in fasting in hopes that will help. If you can find an expert that could shed some light in this area…that would be so awesome! Menopause is such a mystery to a lot of women still and I appreciate you having past guests who have spoken on the subject!